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Away Days

Boost your teams communication, collaboration and productivity with Striide Away Days -Build your unique away day experience, using a carefully selected list of activities, creating the perfect blend of team building, personal development, and team socials.

Personal Development Workshops

Intergrate seamless professional development workshops to add more value to your away day. Covering topics topics such as leadership, communication skills, conflict resolution and resilience training, our workshops will add an extra dimension to your away day experience.

Team Building Activities

Choose from a range of dynamic team activities, whether it's a spirited Striide sports day, an engaging ESG focused ‘litter pick treasure hunt’, or an invigorating guided hike.

Social Development

Wrap up your away day with a team social to finish off a day of team development, insight and growth. Optional social elements can be included to fit your individual budget and requirements with many fun games and activities to keep everyone entertained whilst they eat and drink.

1.Sports Day

Away Day Example

Unlock your team's full potential with a communication skills workshop. Effective communication isn't just a skill - it's the heartbeat of collaboration, creativity and growth. Our workshop offers a valuable experience, empowering your team to discuss ideas with clarity, influence with precision, helping you elevate your business through the power of improved communication.
Reinforce your teams relationships beyond the office with an evening dinner social – the perfect way to end a day of team building and business development. As the sun sets on a day of shared experiences, our an evening dinner creates the ideal setting for genuine connections to develop. It's here that business bonds evolve into lasting friendships, promoting a work environment rooted in trust and collaboration. 

2.Communication Skills

3. Evening Dinner Social

Come together and compete against your colleagues in a Striide Sports Day, a day of friendly workplace fun and competition, in the name of physical and mental wellbeing. With a focus on team building, the day promises to foster better connections whilst developing cohesion.  Example sports include touch tennis,  bowls and flag football,  alongside the sports day classics such as the Egg & Spoon and Sack Race, making this experience suitable for all abilities and demographics. 

3.Evening Dinner Social

Every Striide Away Day is tailor-made and fully customisable, ensuring each team experiences the best combination team building, business enrichment, and social development. Whatever your needs, contact us and build your bespoke away day package.
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