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Events and experiences focused on positive company culture and business development opportunities. 

Register with us to:

- Receive regular advice and guidance from experts in sports and company culture

- Join in with community events - from learning how to improve your running form to taking part in Sports Day

- Create unique experiences for your team or company - from a runners' retreat in the UK to a meditative escape in Morocco

- Get discounts on all experiences 

Experiences that matter

Experiences covering...

Team building

Strategic business learning 

Reset and refresh retreats

We have developed a range of services to suit the individual needs of the diverse business community that we work with.


With focus on physical and mental wellbeing, ESG impact and facilitating sustainable growth, Striide experiences cater to teams and businesses of all shapes and sizes, creating valuable, engaging and impactful activities, events and strategies to ensure teams feel valued, supported and engaged in the work that they do. 

Our initiatives are designed to support happy and healthy teams in a realistic and sustainable way. Focused on delivering experiences and resources for positive team culture and wellbeing, we have a range of effective initiatives for you to explore.

From ESG-focused community impact events to team away days and multi-day retreats, your teams will not only enjoy the process, but local communities and charities will benefit, as your business and the people within it become happier, healthier and more productive. 


We will provide you with the data and insight to measure effectiveness, by programming experiences that feed into longer-term wellbeing strategies, that maintain cultural improvements. 

A new wellbeing platform to support wellbeing needs, strategy implementation and ongoing support is coming soon. In the meantime, you can explore upcoming experiences and get in touch with the team if you have any questions.


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You can join the Striide collective for free, and get access to a sample of resources and in-person events including the run club and social cycle. 

New memberships are launching in Summer 2023, in line with the new platform launch. 

In the meantime, join us at upcoming events and take a look at the other services we can help your team with - supporting wellbeing and team engagement.

Membership options 

Team Experiences

Bring people together, improve specific skill sets, spark fresh thinking. 

Member perks

Members get access to a range of discounts and offers from partner organisations. 

Actionable insights and upcoming events - just for you.

And everyone else who has signed up. 

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providing your team with regular opportunities to do good in local communities, while meeting new people. 


MEMBERSHIP providing your team with ongoing resources and monthly events covering a wide range of wellbeing and sustainable business topics. 


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